Lisa Bonta Sumii

Lisa Bonta Sumii, LCSW, CSW leads an enthusiastic team of elite sports performance specialists, clinical therapists and dedicated consultants. Athmindset LLC is a team of sports performance specialists and mental health practitioners who are dedicated to the fine balance an athletic mindset requires.

About AthMindset

We understand that progression towards excellence requires pushing past your physical and mental limitations. Attaining and maintaining a flow state is a significant tool when functioning at an elite level. Our practitioners work with each client to design and create a personalized mindset focusing on the individual’s ideal, unique flow state and cognitive response; allowing each elite athlete to optimize their capabilities. These individualized flow states are part of what we, at Athmindset call mindset design.


Elite Mental Health + Sports Performance

Our primary focus is to construct and facilitate the physical and mental well-being of our athletes by understanding their specific needs. Understanding the unique needs of each athlete allows our practitioners to create personalized goal-oriented mindsets.

A mindset consists of two aspects: sports performance and mental health. Mental control and related psychological factors in sports performance are crucial to the final result of an athlete’s effort. Our team recognizes the importance of having a professional who can provide a safe space and a confidential environment for athletes to express themselves. Mental health is not only about symptom management but about learning the skills needed for healthy peak functioning is very important to the psychology of an athlete. This is why we address mental health from a preventative, treatment-forward and maintenance approach.

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