Lisa is the first-ever Mental Health and Sport Performance Coach for the Oakland Roots SC.  She supports the players in optimal mental health and peak sport performance. Lisa meets with the players individually and as a team to discuss the factors that influence their mental health. Primary relationships, family of origin dynamics, world-view, cultural and ethnic identity, and the process of adjusting to a new team. They explore the impact of these experiences on how one thinks, feels, and behaves. 

Lisa teaches and trains the players on mental tools that help in the development of mental skills. These mental tools can include goal setting, creating routines, and imagery. When there is consistent and dedicated training on these tools they can lead to the development of important mental skills that the athlete can use on and off the field for peak sports performance.

Nutured Roots Program

Learn more about Oakland Roots and the Nurtured Roots Program.

The program focuses strongly on mental health. Led by Lisa Bonta Sumii, the Club’s first Mental Health and Sports Performance Specialist.

Oakland Roots

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