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"It is imperative to address the mental health of any athlete, as it is with any human. Destigmatization and growing awareness starts with education and information about what mental health and what it isn't. The athlete's performance on and off the field, is directly related to sound mental health." 

Lisa Bonta Sumii, LCSW, CSW
Mental Health and Sports Performance Specialist
Oakland Roots SC

Oakland Raiders Performance Center

Oakland Roots to Call Former Oakland Raiders Training Facility Home for 2022

Oakland Roots Sports Club has agreed with the City of Oakland and the County of Alameda on the terms of a license agreement for the former Oakland Raiders performance center....


Oakland Roots launches ‘Nurtured Roots’ program to support and develop athletes on and off the field

Oakland Roots in partnership with Anthem Blue Cross has launched a new player development program focusing on holistic wellness, performance and education about global, national....

Léxico | Know Your Roots

The Oakland Roots Sports Club (ORSC) are not new to the US soccer scene, but their approach to the beautiful game and its solid marriage to their respective community and culture definitely is. With an Oakland First motto, soccer comes secondary. 

Lexico | Know Your Roots

Making mental health a priority, Oakland Roots adds therapist to soccer club

"Lisa has definitely unlocked a different mental side of my game that I believe has helped me through situations that occur on the field,” said team captain Emrah Klimenta. “More so it has helped me off the field and how I approach life problems as well."