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Professional athletes have chosen to play their sport for a living. They navigate the pressures of expectations from their coaches, fans, other stakeholders and from within. These athletes can perform the physical skills of their sport, with no problem. Many have been playing since they were very young. Prioritizing training on their mental skills, can take their performance and the performance of their team, to a whole other level. The work with these athlete’s performance tends to focus on fine-tuning and maintaining their current sport performance practices. Working with professional athletes often encompasses balancing their responsibilities as an athlete, a significant other, a parent, and/or as a human in their world.

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Olympic/Olympic Hopeful

Olympic Hopefuls, identified at young ages, physically train, year in and year out for the Olympics. The toll it takes on the athlete’s family, their physical health, and the pressures to perform are immense. A solid mental approach to their sport and to life needs to be prioritized alongside physical training. If the athlete has the privilege to compete in the Olympics, the pressure and expectations tic up several notches. Making the sacrifices “worth it,” representing their country with pride, navigating social media, representing their race – especially in sports where their race might be underrepresented, all while focusing on performing in their sport, at a world class level.


Collegiate athletes have the ability to juggle numerous tasks, yet remain focused on one or more sports.

The student-athlete has pressures to not only perform in their sport but in the classroom as well. These individuals have the ability to achieve academic success, a successful season, and have a social life. All of this comes at a cost and definitely takes its toll. Having a professional who can provide a confidential environment where the athlete can speak freely and acquire skills to achieve ideal mental toughness is key.

Mindset Design
Mindset Design

How I Can Support

Sport Performance

I can create a mental approach to your game where you feel confident in performing in your sport. This could include mental skills training in goal setting, imagery, arousal regulation, journaling, breathing, creating routines, and positive self-talk. Assisting the athlete in discovering what they uniquely need, to compete in their Flow state/zone, is key to performing at their highest level.

Mental Health Services

I work with the athlete in supporting them on and off the field. Performing in your sport is a part of your identity. You also have multiple intersecting identities/roles as a human. You navigate multiple situations and environments on a daily basis. Everyone has mental health, just as we all have physical health. Being able to acknowledge how you feel, learning what factors influence how you think, and recognizing that how you feel and what you think influences how you behave, all support optimal mental health. I am able to approach mental health from a preventive, treatment, and maintenance perspective. If an athlete’s mental health declines to a mental health challenge or a mental health disorder, I can diagnose, create a treatment plan, and intervene accordingly.

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